THIS IS AN IMPORTANT AND CRUCIAL STEP!! If you haven't already done so in the past, make sure your account is bound. If you skip this step, you will not be able to regain access to your main account. Once you have done this, make a note of your coordinates so that you are able to teleport your farm where you need it to be.

Generate and copy a friend code. If you try to create a farm account without using the friend code, it will not end up in the same kingdom as your main account, making it useless to you. NOTE: You will never run out of friend codes as they regenerate each time one is used.


Now you can begin building your farm! If this is your first time making a farm, it may be easiest to follow along with the quests Tyrion provides. Collecting the rewards from Tyrion along the way will also provide you with resources, speed ups and prestige, so it's a valuable source to use.

Build the Port and the Tavern.

When your Storehouse reaches level 3, STOP THERE! The storehouse is what protects your resources and the more you upgrade it, the less you will be able to collect in the end.

Build the following up to level 5: Training Yard, all Training stations, War Camp, Medic Tent, Sawmill, Farm, Watchtower, Maester's Tower, Smithy and Dragon Pit. You do not need to build more than one Sawmill, Farm, Medic Tent or War Camp as doing so will only deduct from your resources.

Build your Keep to level 6. This will provide you with the advanced teleport you'll need to move it near your main account.


When prompted, join an alliance. This will give you 200 gold. Once you've gotten the gold, you're free to leave the alliance or stick around and see what you can see... DO NOT SPEND ANY GOLD YET!!

As you're building, you can also be killing creatures. You're automatically given 99 troops upon creation of your account and don't need any more than this to kill up to level 3 creatures. However, as you upgrade each of your training stations, Tyrion will ask you to train 1 of each troop type, siege weapon and a trap. Try to remember to train just the one, otherwise you may get stuck waiting or have to needlessly waste speed ups.

Again, training more troops to kill anything higher than a level 3 creature will take away from the resources you're hoping to collect when your farm is finished. For this same reason, you only need to do 10 of the 5 minute Maester researches (the second Economy research will take 3 hours to complete, why wait?) and craft Poor level 1 gear. Do NOT hatch the dragon.


Once you've completed everything, spend your gold depending on which resource you want more. Open all the crates in your inventory, including the Prestige you received from the Tavern.

Teleport to your main account's location.

In order to drop the shield, you will need to scout your main account. If you aren't able to raid your farm just yet, you can always switch over to a 2 or 8 hour shield. If you aren't in any particular hurry to get the resources or if you're using your farm as a placeholder at a Seat of Power, you can leave the original 5 day shield enabled.

Dismiss your troops.

That's it! You can now switch back over to your main account. You DO NOT need to bind your farm account; these are disposable Keeps and you will have no use for them once you've gotten the resources from it.


Depending on which event is taking place, making a farm while one is active can be beneficial. Not only for you, but for the entire alliance. For example, during a building event you can find another member of the alliance with an open bannerman spot who will be available to accept your farm(s) into the alliance so that the points gathered from it go toward the team points as a whole. Every little bit helps. Since doing this is a little bit different from creating a normal farm, it's important to remember to leave the alliance as you will not be able to attack if it's still affiliated with our alliance.